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Samarium Chunk

High Purity Sm Chunk
CAS 7440-19-9

Product Product Code Request Quote
(2N) 99% Samarium Chunk SM-M-02-CK Request Quote
(3N) 99.9% Samarium Chunk SM-M-03-CK Request Quote
(4N) 99.99% Samarium Chunk SM-M-04-CK Request Quote
(5N) 99.999% Samarium Chunk SM-M-05-CK Request Quote

Formula CAS No. PubChem SID PubChem CID MDL No. EC No Beilstein
Re. No.
Sm 7440-19-9 24855798 23951 MFCD00011233 231-128-7 N/A UN 2910 7 InChI=1S/Sm KZUNJOHGWZRPMI-UHFFFAOYSA-N

PROPERTIES Mol. Wt. Appearance Density Tensile Strength Melting Point Boiling Point Thermal Conductivity Electrical Resistivity Eletronegativity Specific Heat Heat of Vaporization Heat of Fusion MSDS
150.36 Silvery 7353 kg/m³ N/A 1072°C 1803°C 0.133 W/cm/K @ 298.2 K 88.0 microhm-cm @ 25°C 1.2 Paulings 0.043 Cal/g/K @ 25 °C 46 K-cal/gm atom at 1791°C 2.60 Cal/gm mole Safety Data Sheet

High Purity ChunkAmerican Elements specializes in producing high purity Samarium Chunks are produced using crystallization, solid state and other ultra high purification processes such as sublimation. Standard Chunk pieces are amorphous uniform pieces ranging in size from 5-15 mm. American Elements specializes in producing custom compositions for commercial and research applications and for new proprietary technologies. American Elements also casts any of the rare earth metals and most other advanced materials into granules, rod, bar or plate form, as well as other machined shapes and through other processes such as nanoparticles and in the form of solutions and organometallics. We also produce Samarium as rod, pellets, powder, pieces, disc, ingot, wire, and in compound forms, such as oxide. Other shapes are available by request.

Samarium Bohr Model Samarium Element SymbolSamarium (atomic symbol: Sm, atomic number: 62) is a Block F, Group 3, Period 6 element with an atomic radius of 150.36. The number of electrons in each of samarium's shells is 2, 8, 18, 24, 8, 2 and its electron configuration is [Xe]4f6 6s2. The samarium atom has a radius of 180 pm and a Van der Waals radius of 229 pm. In its elemental form, samarium has a silvery-white appearance. Samarium is not found as free element in nature. Elemental Samarium Picture It is found in the minerals cerite, gadolinite, samarskite, monazite and bastnäsite. Samarium is classified as a rare earth element and is the 40th most abundant element in the Earth's crust. Samarium was discovered and first isolated by Lecoq de Boisbaudran in 1879. It is named after the mineral samarskite, the mineral from which it was isolated. For more information on samarium, including properties, safety data, research, and American Elements' catalog of samarium products, visit the Samarium element page.

UN 2910 7
Flame-Flammables Health Hazard      

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Typical bulk packaging includes palletized plastic 5 gallon/25 kg. pails, fiber and steel drums tTypical bulk packaging includes palletized plastic 5 gallon/25 kg. pails, fiber and steel drums to 1 ton super sacks in full container (FCL) or truck load (T/L) quantities. Research and sample quantities and hygroscopic, oxidizing or other air sensitive materials may be packaged under argon or vacuum. Shipping documentation includes a Certificate of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Solutions are packaged in polypropylene, plastic or glass jars up to palletized 440 gallon liquid totes.

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Recent Research & Development for Samarium

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