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Cerium Nitrate

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(2N) 99% Cerium Nitrate
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(3N) 99.9% Cerium Nitrate
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(4N) 99.99% Cerium Nitrate
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(5N) 99.999% Cerium Nitrate
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1.9 g/cm3

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Health & Safety Info  |  MSDS / SDS

Signal Word Danger
Hazard Statements H272-H318
Hazard Codes O,Xi
Risk Codes 8-41
Safety Statements 17-26-39
RTECS Number FK6300000
Transport Information UN 1477 5.1/PG 2
WGK Germany 2


High purity Cerium Nitrate Nitrate IonCerium Nitrate is a highly water soluble crystalline Cerium source for uses compatible with nitrates and lower (acidic) pH. All metallic nitrates are inorganic salts of a given metal cation and the nitrate anion. The nitrate anion is a univalent (-1 charge) polyatomic ion composed of a single nitrogen atom ionically bound to three oxygen atoms (Formula: NO3) for a total formula weight of 62.05. Nitrate compounds are generally soluble in water. Nitrate materials are also oxidizing agents. When mixed with hydrocarbons, nitrate compounds can form a flammable mixture. Nitrates are excellent precursors for production of ultra high purity compounds and certain catalyst and nanoscale (nanoparticles and nanopowders) materials. Cerium Nitrate is generally immediately available in most volumes. High purity, submicron and nanopowder forms may be considered. We also produce Cerium Nitrate Solution. American Elements produces to many standard grades when applicable, including Mil Spec (military grade); ACS, Reagent and Technical Grade; Food, Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Grade; Optical Grade, USP and EP/BP (European Pharmacopoeia/British Pharmacopoeia) and follows applicable ASTM testing standards. Typical and custom packaging is available. Additional technical, research and safety (MSDS) information is available as is a Reference Calculator for converting relevant units of measurement.


Cerium(III) nitrate, Nitric acid cerium salt, Cerous nitrate, Cerium trinitrate, Cerium(3+) trinitrate, 13550-45-3, 85874-44-8, cernitrate

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cerium(3+); trinitrate



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Packaging Specifications

Typical bulk packaging includes palletized plastic 5 gallon/25 kg. pails, fiber and steel drums to 1 ton super sacks in full container (FCL) or truck load (T/L) quantities. Research and sample quantities and hygroscopic, oxidizing or other air sensitive materials may be packaged under argon or vacuum. Shipping documentation includes a Certificate of Analysis and Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Solutions are packaged in polypropylene, plastic or glass jars up to palletized 440 gallon liquid totes, and 36,000 lb. tanker trucks.

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See more Cerium products. Cerium (atomic symbol: Ce, atomic number: 58) is a Block F, Group 3, Period 6 element with an atomic weight of 140.116. The number of electrons in each of cerium's shells is 2, 8, 18, 19, 9, 2 and its electron configuration is [Xe]4f2 6s2. Cerium Bohr ModelThe cerium atom has a radius of 182.5 pm and a Van der Waals radius of 235 pm. In its elemental form, cerium has a silvery white appearance. Cerium is the most abundant of the rare earth metals. It is characterized chemically by having two valence states, the +3 cerous and +4 ceric states. The ceric state is the only non-trivalent rare earth ion stable in aqueous solutions. Elemental CeriumIt is, therefore, strongly acidic and moderately toxic. It is also a strong oxidizer. The cerous state closely resembles the other trivalent rare earths. Cerium is found in the minerals allanite, bastnasite, hydroxylbastnasite, monazite, rhabdophane, synchysite and zircon. Cerium was discovered by Martin Heinrich Klaproth, Jöns Jakob Berzelius, and Wilh elm Hisinger in 1803 and first isolated by Carl Gustaf Mosander in 1839. The element was named after the asteroid Ceres.

See more Nitrogen products. Nitrogen is a Block P, Group 15, Period 2 element. Its electron configuration is [He]2s22p3. In its elemental form, nitrogen's CAS number is 7727-37-9. Nitrogen is an odorless, tasteless, colorless and mostly inert gas. It is the seventh most abundant element in the universe and it constitutes 78.09% (by volume) of Earth's atmosphere. Nitrogen was discovered by Daniel Rutherford in 1772.

Recent Research

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