American Elements supports a wide range of museums, galleries, and cultural institutions by supplying the highest quality chemicals and advanced materials for conservation and curation. Our catalog of products includes laboratory grade chemicals for analysis technologies such as X-ray diffraction (XRD), spectroscopy, FTIR microspectroscopy, and scanning electron microscopy, pigments and paints, pH balancers, absorbants, corrosion inhibitors, and other materials used in the production and conservation of artwork and historical artifacts. We also supply raw fine art materials to individual artists and studios such as metal or alloy parts, glass colorants, and others.

Innovation Case Study #25: American Elements Contributes Materials to Getty Museum's "Art of Alchemy" Exhibition

#25: American Elements Contributes Materials to Getty Museum's "Art of Alchemy" Exhibition

The Challenge

In October 2016, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, CA mounted an exhibition entitled "The Art of Alchemy." The goals of alchemy, considered the medieval precursor to modern chemistry, included purifying and transforming materials via manipulation of elements such as mercury and sulfur. For a demonstration video, the Getty wanted to use the highly toxic metal mercury, which is liquid at room temperature.

The Innovation

The Getty turned to American Elements to help find a material that could possibly mimic the appearance of mercury metal but be safer to use and handle. American Elements researchers tested numerous alternatives based on the Getty's specifications.

The Result

American Elements provided the Getty with a sample of gallium metal, one of the only other metals that is liquid at room temperature.