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August 1, 2005



[August 1, 2005, Los Angeles , CA] American Elements announced today the successful development and commercial availability of new nanoscale zinc oxide particles. Marketed under the trade name “Z-MITE™”, the uniformly-sized nanocrystal is available with diameters from 10 to 200 nm. The nanosized particles are 99+% pure, and are available uncoated, for use in aqueous mediums, and coated for use with organic solvents. Among the benefits of this application of nanotechnology is the creation of reactive surface area as high as 45 (m 2 /g) square meters per gram of nanopowder. The nanoparticles are available in both dispersion and dry powder form.

The combination of small particle size, ultra high surface area, and Zinc Oxide's inherent antimicrobial properties makes this new nanomaterial an excellent next generation candidate for numerous high technologies, including as an antibacterial and antifungal agent integrated into textiles. Z-MITE™ is also suitable for applications in catalysis, water filtration, and electronics. For detailed product information on the uses and applications of Z-MITE™, see Z-MITE™ PRODUCT INFORMATION.

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