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Phosphotungstic Acid Hydrate

CAS #:

Linear Formula:

H3[P(W3O10)4] · xH2O

MDL Number:


EC No.:



(2N) 99% Phosphotungstic Acid Hydrate
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(3N) 99.9% Phosphotungstic Acid Hydrate
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(4N) 99.99% Phosphotungstic Acid Hydrate
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(5N) 99.999% Phosphotungstic Acid Hydrate
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Phosphotungstic Acid Hydrate Properties

Compound Formula


Molecular Weight



White Powder

Melting Point


Boiling Point




Exact Mass


Monoisotopic Mass

2899.216 g/mol

Phosphotungstic Acid Hydrate Health & Safety Information

Signal Word Danger
Hazard Statements H314
Hazard Codes C
Risk Codes 34
Safety Statements 26-36/37/39
RTECS Number N/A
Transport Information UN 3260 8 / PGII
WGK Germany 3

About Phosphotungstic Acid Hydrate

Phosphotungstic Acid Hydrate is generally immediately available in most volumes, including bulk orders. American Elements can produce materials to custom specifications by request, in addition to custom compositions for commercial and research applications and new proprietary technologies. American Elements also casts any of the rare earth metals and most other advanced materials into rod, bar or plate form, as well as numerous other machined shapes, nanomaterials, and in the form of solutions and organometallic compounds. American Elements produces to many standard grades when applicable, including Mil Spec (military grade); ACS, Reagent and Technical Grade; Food, Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Grade; Optical Grade, USP and EP/BP (European Pharmacopoeia/British Pharmacopoeia) and follows applicable ASTM testing standards. Typical and custom packaging is available. Additional technical, research and safety (MSDS) information is available as is a Reference Calculator for converting relevant units of measurement.

Phosphotungstic Acid Hydrate Synonyms

Tungstophosphoric acid hydrate, PTA, TPA, 12-Phosphotungstic acid hydrate, Dodecatungstophosphoric acid hydrate, 12-wolframophosphoric acid hydrate, Phosphotungstic acid n-hydrate, dodeca-tungstophosphoric acid hydrate

Phosphotungstic Acid Hydrate Chemical Identifiers

Linear Formula

H3[P(W3O10)4] · xH2O

Pubchem CID


MDL Number


EC No.


Beilstein Registry No.



phosphoric acid; trioxotungsten; hydrate



InchI Identifier


InchI Key


Packaging Specifications

Typical bulk packaging includes palletized plastic 5 gallon/25 kg. pails, fiber and steel drums to 1 ton super sacks in full container (FCL) or truck load (T/L) quantities. Research and sample quantities and hygroscopic, oxidizing or other air sensitive materials may be packaged under argon or vacuum. Shipping documentation includes a Certificate of Analysis and Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Solutions are packaged in polypropylene, plastic or glass jars up to palletized 440 gallon liquid totes, and 36,000 lb. tanker trucks.

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Recent Research

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