Author(s) Köhnlein, K.; Urban, N.; Guerrero-Gómez, D.; Steinbrenner, H.; Urbánek, P.; Priebs, J.; Koch, P.; Kaether, C.; Miranda-Vizuete, A.; Klotz, L.O.
Journal Redox Biol
Date Published 2020 Jan

Human selenium-binding protein 1 (SELENBP1) was originally identified as a protein binding selenium, most likely as selenite. SELENBP1 is associated with cellular redox and thiol homeostasis in several respects, including its established role as a methanethiol oxidase that is involved in degradation of methanethiol, a methionine catabolite, generating hydrogen sulfide (HS) and hydrogen peroxide (HO). As both HS and reactive oxygen species (such as HO) are major regulators of Caenorhabditis elegans lifespan and stress resistance, we hypothesized that a SELENBP1 ortholog in C. elegans would likely be involved in regulating these aspects. Here we characterize Y37A1B.5, a putative selenium-binding protein 1 ortholog in C. elegans with 52% primary structure identity to human SELENBP1. While conferring resistance to toxic concentrations of selenite, Y37A1B.5 also attenuates resistance to oxidative stress and lowers C. elegans lifespan: knockdown of Y37A1B.5 using RNA interference resulted in an approx. 10% increase of C. elegans lifespan and an enhanced resistance against the redox cycler paraquat, as well as enhanced motility. Analyses of transgenic reporter strains suggest hypodermal expression and cytoplasmic localization of Y37A1B.5, whose expression decreases with worm age. We identify the transcriptional coregulator MDT-15 and transcription factor EGL-27 as regulators of Y37A1B.5 levels and show that the lifespan extending effect elicited by downregulation of Y37A1B.5 is independent of known MDT-15 interacting factors, such as DAF-16 and NHR-49. In summary, Y37A1B.5 is an ortholog of SELENBP1 that shortens C. elegans lifespan and lowers resistance against oxidative stress, while allowing for a better survival under toxic selenite concentrations.

DOI 10.1016/j.redox.2019.101323
ISSN 2213-2317
Citation Redox Biol. 2020;28:101323.

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