Author(s) Köckerling, M.; König, J.
Journal Chemistry
Date Published 2019 Jul 12

Compounds with ordered structures in 1 or 2 dimensions are exciting materials and investigated intensively in many different science areas. Many activities have been put into the preparation of low-dimensional nano-scaled structures and many compounds in this size regime are known. Contrary, the number of known compounds, which have low-dimensional macroscopic sized structures, which are not manufactured technically, but form directly in a chemical reaction, is very limited. Here, we present the synthesis of the niobium cluster compound [(Et2O)2H]2[Nb6Cl18] of which crystals grow in form of large hexagonal empty tubes of several centimeter length and diameters in the range of 2 mm. The single-crystal X-ray structure of this compound has been refined. Under warming the compound easily eliminates diethyl ether molecules and decomposes. From a closer look at the crystallization process a step-by-step scheme of the procedure of the tube growth is proposed. The overall conclusion from this proposal is that a crucial balance between the cluster solution concentration, the crystal growth speed and the ether diffusion speed results in the formation of macroscopic crystal tubes.

DOI 10.1002/chem.201902481
ISSN 1521-3765
Citation Köckerling M, König J. A Hexanuclear Niobium Cluster Compound Crystallizing as Macroscopic Tubes. Chemistry. 2019.