A Spin-Active, Electrochromic, Solvent-Free Molecular Liquid Based on Double-Decker Lutetium Phthalocyanine Bearing Long Branched Alkyl Chains.

Author(s) Zielinska, A.; Takai, A.; Sakurai, H.; Saeki, A.; Leonowicz, M.; Nakanishi, T.
Journal Chem Asian J
Date Published 2018 Apr 04

Synthesis and characterization of a novel, multifunctional, solvent-free room-temperature liquid based on alkylated double-decker lutetium(III) phthalocyanine (Pc Lu) are described. Lowering of the melting point and viscosity of intrinsically solid Pc Lu compounds has been achieved through the attachment of flexible, bulky, and long branched-alkyl chains, that is, thio-2-octyldodecyl, to the periphery of the Pc Lu unit. The embedded Pc Lu unit maintains its inherent molecular functions, such as spin-active nature and electrochromic behavior in the liquid state. Comparison of the properties with a solid-like Pc Lu derivative, functionalized with shorter alkyl chains, that is, thio-2-ethylhexyl, underlines the importance of the hampering effect on the π-π interactions of neighboring Pc Lu molecules by bulkier and longer branched-alkyl chains. This study could possibly pave the way for novel multifunctional liquids whose spin-activities are associated with their rheological or optoelectronic properties.

DOI 10.1002/asia.201800175
ISSN 1861-471X
Citation Chem Asian J. 2018;13(7):770774.

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