Active Pore-Edge Engineering of Single-Layer Niobium Diselenide Porous Nanosheets Electrode for Hydrogen Evolution.

Author(s) Wang, J.; Liu, X.; Liu, Y.; Yang, G.
Journal Nanomaterials (Basel)
Date Published 2019 May 16

Two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) possess interesting catalytic properties for the electrochemical-assisted hydrogen-evolution reaction (HER). We used niobium diselenide (NbSe) as a representative TMD, and prepared single-layer NbSe porous nanosheets (PNS) by a double-sonication liquid-phase exfoliation, with HO as a pore-forming agent. The single-layer NbSe PNS were drop-cast on carbon foam (CF) to fabricate a three-dimensional robust NbSe PNS/CF electrode. The NbSe PNS/CF electrode exhibits a high current density of -50 mA cm with an overpotential of 148 mV and a Tafel slope of 75.8 eV dec for the HER process. Little deactivation is detected in continuous CV testing up to 20,000 cycles, which suggests that this novel NbSe PNS/CF is a promising catalytic electrode in the HER application. The porous structure of single-layer NbSe nanosheets can enhance the electrochemical performance compared with that of pore-free NbSe nanosheets. These findings illustrate that the single-layer NbSe PNS is a potential electrocatalytic material for HER. More importantly, the electrochemical performance of the NbSe PNS/CF expands the use of two-dimensional TMDs in electrocatalysis-related fields.

DOI 10.3390/nano9050751
ISSN 2079-4991
Citation Nanomaterials (Basel). 2019;9(5).

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