Adsorption of Oligo-DNA on Magnesium Aluminum-Layered Double-Hydroxide Nanoparticle Surfaces: Mechanistic Implication in Gene Delivery.

Author(s) Andrea, K.A.; Wang, L.; Carrier, A.J.; Campbell, M.; Buhariwalla, M.; Mutch, M.K.; MacQuarrie, S.L.; Bennett, C.; Mkandawire, M.; Oakes, K.; Lu, M.; Zhang, X.
Journal Langmuir
Date Published 2017 Apr 10

Magnesium aluminum-layered double-hydroxide nanoparticles (LDH NPs) are promising drug-delivery vehicles for gene therapy, particularly for siRNA interference; however, the interactions between oligo-DNA and LDH surfaces have not been adequately elucidated. Through a mechanistic study, oligo-DNA initially appears to rapidly bind strongly to the LDH outer surfaces through interactions with their phosphate backbones via ligand exchange with OH(-) on Mg(2+) centers and electrostatic forces with Al(3+). These initial interactions might precede diffusion into interlayer spaces, and this knowledge can be used to design better gene therapy delivery systems.

DOI 10.1021/acs.langmuir.6b04172
ISSN 1520-5827
Citation Langmuir. 2017.

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