All Inorganic Cesium Lead Iodide Perovskite Nanowires with Stabilized Cubic Phase at Room Temperature and Nanowire Array-Based Photodetectors.

Author(s) Waleed, A.; Tavakoli, M.Mahdi; Gu, L.; Hussain, S.; Zhang, D.; Poddar, S.; Wang, Z.; Zhang, R.; Fan, Z.
Journal Nano Lett
Date Published 2017 Jul 27

Alluring optical and electronic properties have made organometallic halide perovskites attractive candidates for optoelectronics. Among all perovskite materials, inorganic CsPbX3 (X is halide) in black cubic phase has triggered enormous attention recently owing to its comparable photovoltaic performance and high stability as compared to organic and hybrid perovskites. However, cubic phase stabilization at room temperature for CsPbI3 still survives as a challenge. Herein we report all inorganic three-dimensional vertical CsPbI3 perovskite nanowires (NWs) synthesized inside anodic alumina membrane (AAM) by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method. It was discovered that the as-grown NWs have stable cubic phase at room temperature. This significant improvement on phase stability can be attributed to the effective encapsulation of NWs by AAM and large specific area of these NWs. To demonstrate device application of these NWs, photodetectors based on these high density CsPbI3 NWs were fabricated demonstrating decent performance. Our discovery suggests a novel and practical approach to stabilize the cubic phase of CsPbI3 material, which will have broad applications for optoelectronics in the visible wavelength range.

DOI 10.1021/acs.nanolett.7b02101
ISSN 1530-6992
Citation Nano Lett. 2017.

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