Ammonia lithium nitrate and ammonia sodium thiocyanate double effect absorption refrigeration systems: Thermodynamic analysis

Author(s) Farshi, G.; Asadi, S.
Journal Applied Thermal Engineering
Date Published 06/2015
Abstract This paper presents a comparison of the performance for three configurations of double effect absorption refrigeration systems with single effect one using ammonia lithium nitrate (NH3/LiNO3) and ammonia sodium thiocyanate (NH3/NaSCN) as working solutions. The effect of operating parameters on COP and exergetic efficiency of the cycles is investigated. In order to avoid error in estimation of solutions enthalpy and entropy at high temperatures, linear equations for specific heat of solutions are obtained from correlating the experimental data. Furthermore, the effects of operating parameters on crystallization possibility are studied. The COP of double effect systems are maximum 60% more, but exergetic efficiency is maximum 16% less than those for single effect cycles. The NH3/LiNO3 systems compared to the NH3/NaSCN systems can perform at lower generator temperatures with higher COP and exergetic efficiency. Operating range of NH3/LiNO3 system is wider, since it is limited for NH3/NaSCN cycle because of crystallization occurrence.
DOI 10.1016/j.applthermaleng.2018.04.079
ISSN 1359-431
Citation Applied Thermal Engineering. 2018;138:374385.

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