Arsenic levels in groundwater and its correlation with relevant inorganic parameters in Uruguay: A medical geology perspective.

Author(s) Machado, I.; Falchi, L.; Bühl, V.; Mañay, N.
Journal Sci Total Environ
Date Published 2020 Jun 15

The aim of this work was to perform a groundwater quality monitoring in Uruguay, from the Medical Geology perspective, focusing attention on arsenic levels and its correlations with other relevant inorganic parameters. For this purpose, a total of 46 groundwater samples from private wells, out of the scope of the state-run water utility company, were analyzed. The accuracy of the analytical methods was ensured by using certified reference materials. Arsenic concentration range was 1.72-120.5 μg L, half of the samples being above the limit of 10 μg L recommended by WHO for drinking water, with the corresponding risks for human health. Pearson correlations were performed, resulting in strong positive correlations for the pairs As/Cl, As/F, As/Na and As/V. These relationships between arsenic and other inorganic parameters in groundwater should be deeply studied, to prevent long-term health effects.

DOI 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.137787
ISSN 1879-1026
Citation Sci Total Environ. 2020;721:137787.