Cobalt-iron selenides embedded in porous carbon nanofibers for simultaneous electrochemical detection of trace of hydroquinone, catechol and resorcinol.

Author(s) Yin, D.; Liu, J.; Bo, X.; Guo, L.
Journal Anal Chim Acta
Date Published 2020 Jan 06

In this study, cobalt-iron selenides embedded in porous carbon nanofibers (CoFeSe/PCF), derived from Prussian blue analogues, was prepared as a novel phenolic sensor. The obtained CoFeSe/PCF nanocomposites show three-dimensional (3D) networks nanostructures that can supply a desirable conductive network to accelerate electron transfer and avoid the aggregation of CoFeSe nanoparticles. Electrochemical detection of hydroquinone (HQ), catechol (CC) and resorcinol (RS), at CoFeSe/PCF modified glassy carbon electrode (GCE) were researched. The results show the obtained 3D CoFeSe/PCF/GCE exhibits excellent electrochemical properties towards the simultaneous testing trace of HQ, CC and RS. The obtained electrode provides wide linear ranges of 0.5-200, 0.5-190 and 5-350 μM and low detection limit of 0.13, 0.15 and 1.36 μM for HQ, CC and RS, respectively. The as-prepared phenolic sensor displays satisfied selectivity and long-term storage stability. In addition, the constructed sensor can be used to determine HQ, CC and RS in actual samples.

DOI 10.1016/j.aca.2019.09.057
ISSN 1873-4324
Citation Anal Chim Acta. 2020;1093:3542.

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