Comparative study between thulium laser (Tm: YAG) 150W and greenlight laser (LBO:ND-YAG) 120W for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperpplasia: Short-term efficacy and security.

Author(s) Palmero-Martí, J.L.; Panach-Navarrete, J.; Valls-González, L.; Ganau-Ituren, A.; Miralles-Aguado, J.; Benedicto-Redón, A.
Journal Actas Urol Esp
Date Published 2017 Apr

OBJECTIVE: To compare the results of efficacy and safety of Thulium laser 150W against Greenlight laser 120W in the treatment of short term benign prostatic hyperplasia (12 months after surgery).

MATERIAL AND METHODS: This is a retrospective observational study where men who underwent the surgical technique of prostate vaporization over a period of four years in our center are included. The homogeneity of the sample was checked, and postoperative complications (acute urinary retention, reentry, need for transfusion), failures per year of surgery (reoperation, peak flow <15ml/sec, no improvement in comparing the I-PSS), and decreased PSA were compared a year after surgery. A bivariate analysis using Chi-square and t-Student was carried out.

RESULTS: 116 patients were treated with thulium and 118 with green laser. The sample was homogeneous for preoperative variables (P>.05). No differences in complications were observed: in urine acute retention, 4.3% with thulium and 6.8% with green laser (P=.41); in readmissions, 2.6% with thulium and 1.7% with green laser (P=.68); in need for transfusion, 2.6% with thulium and 0% with green laser (P=.12). No differences were observed in the percentage of patients reoperation (1.7% in the group of thulium, 5.1% in the green laser, P=.28); or in individuals with Qmáx less than 15ml/sec (6.9% with thulium, 6.77% with green laser, P=.75), or in the absence of improvement in the IPSS (5, 2% with thulium, 3.4% with green laser, P=.65). There was also no difference in the levels of PSA in ng/mL a year after surgery: with thulium 2.78±2.09 and with green laser 1.83±1.48 (P=.75).

CONCLUSIONS: Prostate vaporization with thulium laser 150W is comparable to that made with green laser 120W for the treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms caused by BPH, being both effective and safe techniques to 12 months after surgery. Future prospective randomized studies are needed to confirm this conclusion on both techniques.

DOI 10.1016/j.acuro.2016.09.009
ISSN 1699-7980
Citation Actas Urol Esp. 2017;41(3):188193.

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