Comparison of flow-controlled calcium and barium carbonate precipitation patterns.

Author(s) Schuszter, G.; De Wit, A.
Journal J Chem Phys
Date Published 2016 Dec 14

Various precipitation patterns can be obtained in flow conditions when injecting a solution of sodium carbonate in a confined geometry initially filled with a solution of either barium or calcium chloride. We compare here the barium and calcium carbonate precipitate structures as a function of initial concentrations and injection flow rate. We show that, in some part of the parameter space, the patterns are similar and feature comparable properties indicating that barium and calcium behave similarly in the related flow-controlled precipitation conditions. For other values of parameters though, the precipitate structures are different indicating that the cohesive and microscopic properties of barium versus calcium carbonate are then important in shaping the pattern in flow conditions.

DOI 10.1063/1.4971286
ISSN 1089-7690
Citation J Chem Phys. 2016;145(22):224201.

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