Concentration of Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Manganese, and Cu/Zn Ratio in Hair of Children and Adolescents with Myopia.

Author(s) Fedor, M.; Urban, B.; Socha, K.; Soroczyńska, J.; Krętowska, M.; Borawska, M.Halina; Bakunowicz-Łazarczyk, A.
Journal J Ophthalmol
Date Published 2019

The aim of this work was to determine the concentration of trace elements, zinc, copper, selenium, manganese, and Cu/Zn ratio, in scalp hair samples of children and adolescents with myopia. The study included 92 children (mean age 14.5 ± 2.5 years) with myopia and 43 healthy persons (mean age 11.8 ± 4.7 years). Each patient had a complete eye examination. Trace element concentrations in hair were determined by atomic absorption spectrometry. Cu/Zn ratio was also calculated. The zinc level in the hair of myopic patients was significantly higher (260 g/g) in comparison to the control group (130 g/g). There was a significantly lower Cu/Zn ratio in myopic patients (0.045) compared with controls (0.07). An insignificant difference was observed in the hair level of copper, selenium, and manganese between patients and controls. The results show that trace elements may play a significant role in the pathogenesis of myopia. Further studies should pay more attention to determine the effect of trace element on children myopia.

DOI 10.1155/2019/5643848
ISSN 2090-004X
Citation J Ophthalmol. 2019;2019:5643848.