Dataset for synthesis of conducting polymers nanocomposites based on aniline and 4-amino-benzylamine catalyzed by chromium (III) exchanged maghnite (Algerian MMT) via in situ polymerization.

Author(s) Zeggai, F.Zohra; Belbachir, M.; Carbonnier, B.; Rahmouni, A.; Kaldoun, B.
Journal Data Brief
Date Published 2020 Apr

In this data we report on conductors polymers nanocomposites synthesized by in situ polymerization of aniline (ANI) and/or 4-aminobenzylamine (4-ABA) in presence of chromium montmorillonite (MMT-Cr) and ammonium persulfate as oxidizing agent. Homopolymers and copolymers (PANI-co-4-ABA) were prepared at various initial monomer composition and were characterized by Fourier transform Infrared (FT-IR) and UV-vis spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction (XRD) and cyclic voltammeter. The data describes the behavior of the corresponding homopolymers Poly (4-ABA) and (PANI) and showed that the in-situ polymerization produced real nanocomposites containing aniline and 4-aminobenzylamine units and films of products exhibit good electrochemical properties.

DOI 10.1016/j.dib.2020.105161
ISSN 2352-3409
Citation Data Brief. 2020;29:105161.

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