Design of heterostructured hybrids comprising ultrathin 2D bismuth tungstate nanosheets reinforced by chloramphenicol imprinted polymers used as biomimetic interfaces for mass-sensitive detection.

Author(s) Shaheen, A.; Taj, A.; Liberzeit, P.A.; Mujahid, A.; Hameed, S.; Yu, H.; Mahmood, A.; Webster, T.J.; Rashid, H.; Khan, W.S.; Bajwa, S.Z.
Journal Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces
Date Published 2020 Apr

Combining nanomaterials in varying morphology and functionalities gives rise to a new class of composite materials leading to innovative applications. In this study, we designed a heterostructured hybrid material consisting of two-dimensional bismuth nanosheets augmented by molecularly imprinted networks. Antibiotic overuse is now one of the main concerns in health management, and their monitoring is highly desirable but challenging. So, for this purpose, the resulting composite interface was used as a transducer for quartz crystal microbalances. The main objective was to develop highly selective mass-sensitive sensor for chloramphenicol. Morphological investigation revealed the presence of ultrathin, square shaped nanosheets, 2-3 nm in height and further supplemented by imprinted polymers. Sensor responses are described as the decrease in the frequency of microbalances owing to chloramphenicol re-binding in the templated cavities, yielding a detection limit down to 0.74 μM. This sensor demonstrated a 100 % specific detection of chloramphenicol over its interfering and structural analogs (clindamycin, thiamphenicol, and florfenicol). This composite interface offers the advantage of selective binding and excellent sensitivity due to special heterostructured morphology, in addition to benefits of robustness and online monitoring. The results suggest that such composite-based sensors can be favorable platforms, especially for commercial prospects, to obtain selective detection of other biomolecules of clinical importance.

DOI 10.1016/j.colsurfb.2020.110775
ISSN 1873-4367
Citation Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces. 2020;188:110775.

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