Author(s) Alrumayan, F.; Okarvi, S.M.; Nagatsu, K.; Yanbawi, S.; Aljammaz, I.
Journal Appl Radiat Isot
Date Published 2017 Mar

A fully automated system was developed to produce rubidium-81 ((81)Rb), based on the (nat)Kr (p, n) (81)Rb reaction. The energy incident on the target was 26MeV. Only 6MeV was stopped inside the gas and the remainder was stopped by a specially designed flange. The target body was characterized by its conical shape and its inner walls were chemically plated with 100±10µm of nickel (Ni). Ni is advantageous as a fairly good conductor of heat whose surface can resist solutions. Additionally, the Ni plated target allowed potassium chloride to dissolve (81)Rb, with no further effect on the target body. The system produced (81)Rb with a production yield of approximately 4.5mCi/µAh, which is close to the calculated expected yield of 5.3mCi/µAh. The system is able to deliver reliable and reproducible radioactivity for patients and can be operated up to 1500µAh before preventive maintenance is due. Key steps in designing the (81)Rb target for selected energy ranges are reported here.

DOI 10.1016/j.apradiso.2016.12.008
ISSN 1872-9800
Citation Appl Radiat Isot. 2017;121:611.

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