Development of europium doped core-shell silica cobalt ferrite functionalized nanoparticles for magnetic resonance imaging.

Author(s) Kevadiya, B.D.; Bade, A.N.; Woldstad, C.; Edagwa, B.J.; McMillan, J.E.M.; Sajja, B.R.; Boska, M.D.; Gendelman, H.E.
Journal Acta Biomater
Date Published 2017 Feb

The size, shape and chemical composition of europium (Eu(3+)) cobalt ferrite (CFEu) nanoparticles were optimized for use as a "multimodal imaging nanoprobe" for combined fluorescence and magnetic resonance bioimaging. Doping Eu(3+) ions into a CF structure imparts unique bioimaging and magnetic properties to the nanostructure that can be used for real-time screening of targeted nanoformulations for tissue biodistribution assessment. The CFEu nanoparticles (size ∼7.2nm) were prepared by solvothermal techniques and encapsulated into poloxamer 407-coated mesoporous silica (Si-P407) to form superparamagnetic monodisperse Si-CFEu nanoparticles with a size of ∼140nm. Folic acid (FA) nanoparticle decoration (FA-Si-CFEu, size ∼140nm) facilitated monocyte-derived macrophage (MDM) targeting. FA-Si-CFEu MDM uptake and retention was higher than seen with Si-CFEu nanoparticles. The transverse relaxivity of both Si-CFEu and FA-Si-CFEu particles were r2=433.42mM(-1)s(-1) and r2=419.52mM(-1)s(-1) (in saline) and r2=736.57mM(-1)s(-1) and r2=814.41mM(-1)s(-1) (in MDM), respectively. The results were greater than a log order-of-magnitude than what was observed at replicate iron concentrations for ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide (USPIO) particles (r2=31.15mM(-1)s(-1) in saline) and paralleled data sets obtained for T2 magnetic resonance imaging. We now provide a developmental opportunity to employ these novel particles for theranostic drug distribution and efficacy evaluations.

STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE: A novel europium (Eu(3+)) doped cobalt ferrite (Si-CFEu) nanoparticle was produced for use as a bioimaging probe. Its notable multifunctional, fluorescence and imaging properties, allows rapid screening of future drug biodistribution. Decoration of the Si-CFEu particles with folic acid increased its sensitivity and specificity for magnetic resonance imaging over a more conventional ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide particles. The future use of these particles in theranostic tests will serve as a platform for designing improved drug delivery strategies to combat inflammatory and infectious diseases.

DOI 10.1016/j.actbio.2016.11.071
ISSN 1878-7568
Citation Acta Biomater. 2017;49:507520.

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