Development of long-persistent photoluminescent epoxy resin immobilized with europium (II)-doped strontium aluminate.

Author(s) Khattab, T.A.; El-Aziz, M.Abd; Abdelrahman, M.S.; El-Zawahry, M.; Kamel, S.
Journal Luminescence
Date Published 2019 Dec 19

A facile approach for possible industrial production of long-persistent phosphorescence, continuing to emitting light for a long time period, smart cobbles were developed toward photoluminescent hard surfaces. The inorganic strontium aluminium oxide pigment doped with rare earth elements was added to a synthetic organic epoxy in the presence of polyamine as a hardener to make a phosphor-loaded viscous fluid that can then be hardened in a few minutes. The transparency of the solid cobbles can be accomplished easily using homogeneous dispersion of the phosphor in the epoxy resin fluid before the addition of a hardener to avoid pigment aggregation. This pigment-epoxy formula can be easily applied industrially onto flagstones surfaces under ambient conditions. The photoluminescent cobblestones demonstrated an optimum excitation wavelength at 366 nm and an emission band at 521 nm with a long-persistent phosphorescence cobble surface. The development of a translucent white colour under normal daylight, bright green under ultraviolet (UV) irradiation, bright white colour after 30 sec in the dark, and phosphorescent green colour after 75 min in the dark was indicated using Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage (CIE) Laboratory coloration measurements. The luminescent hard composite cobble exhibited a highly durable and reversible long-persistent phosphorescence light. Photoluminescence, morphological, and hardness properties as well as the elemental composition of the prepared cobbles were explored.

DOI 10.1002/bio.3752
ISSN 1522-7243
Citation Luminescence. 2019.

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