Electron linear accelerator production and purification of scandium-47 from titanium dioxide targets.

Author(s) Rotsch, D.A.; Brown, A.; Nolen, J.A.; Brossard, T.; Henning, W.F.; Chemerisov, S.D.; Gromov, R.G.; Greene, J.
Journal Appl Radiat Isot
Date Published 2018 Jan

The photonuclear production of no-carrier-added (NCA)Sc from solidTiOand the subsequent chemical processing and purification have been developed. Scandium-47 was produced by theTi(γ,p)Sc reaction with Bremsstrahlung photons produced from the braking of electrons in a high-Z (W or Ta) convertor. Production yields were simulated with the PHITS code (Particle and Heavy Ion Transport-code System) and compared to experimental results. Irradiated TiOtargets were dissolved in fuming HSOin the presence of NaSOandSc was purified using the commercially available Eichrom DGA resin. TypicalSc recovery yields were >90% with excellent specific activity for small batches (<185 MBq batches).

DOI 10.1016/j.apradiso.2017.11.007
ISSN 1872-9800
Citation Appl Radiat Isot. 2018;131:7782.

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