Erbium-doped aluminophosphosilicate all-fiber laser operating at 1584 nm.

Author(s) Lord, M.P.; Talbot, L.; Boily, O.; Boilard, T.; Gariépy, G.; Grelet, S.; Paradis, P.; Boulanger, V.; Grégoire, N.; Morency, S.; Messaddeq, Y.; Bernier, M.
Journal Opt Express
Date Published 2020 Feb 03

We report on an ytterbium-free erbium-doped aluminophosphosilicate all-fiber laser, producing an output power of 25 W at a wavelength of 1584 nm with a slope efficiency of 30% with respect to the 976 nm absorbed pump power. The simple cavity design proposed takes advantage of fiber Bragg gratings written directly in the gain fiber. The single-mode erbium-doped aluminophosphosilicate fiber was fabricated in-house and was doped with 0.06 mol.% of ErO, 1.77 mol.% of AlO and 1.04 mol.% of PO. The incorporation of aluminium and phosphorus into the fiber core allowed for an increased concentration of erbium without inducing significant clustering, while keeping the numerical aperture low to ensure a single-mode laser operation.

DOI 10.1364/OE.379574
ISSN 1094-4087
Citation Opt Express. 2020;28(3):33783387.

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