[Experience in plasma-detonation coating of the working parts of medical instruments with nickel-aluminide-based alloys].

Author(s) Matukhnov, V.M.; Shmyreva, T.P.; Altareva, G.I.; Maksimov, V.K.; Machuskaia, N.D.
Journal Med Tekh
Date Published 1984 Nov-Dec

The composition, the structure, and basic physical and mechanical properties of coatings composed of the nickel aluminide-based alloys HA-67, BKHA are examined. They are obtained by the detonation and plasma methods and by the combined detonation-plasma method as well. Because of the increased binder-base strength, a great and more uniform hardness, plasma-detonation coatings have been shown to be optimal as compared to the detonation and plasma methods. The greater hardness is directly related to the increased content of nickel aluminide in the plasma-detonation coatings.

Keywords Aluminum; Medical Laboratory Science; Metallurgy; Nickel
ISSN 0025-8075
Citation Med Tekh. 1984;(6):3441.

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