Author(s) Maltman, C.; Yurkov, V.
Journal Microorganisms
Date Published 2019 Nov 22

Bacteria have long been known to possess resistance to the highly toxic oxyanion tellurite, most commonly though reduction to elemental tellurium. However, the majority of research has focused on the impact of this compound on microbes, namely , which have a very low level of resistance. Very little has been done regarding bacteria on the other end of the spectrum, with three to four orders of magnitude greater resistance than . With more focus on ecologically-friendly methods of pollutant removal, the use of bacteria for tellurite remediation, and possibly recovery, further highlights the importance of better understanding the effect on microbes, and approaches for resistance/reduction. The goal of this review is to compile current research on bacterial tellurite resistance, with a focus on high-level resistance by bacteria inhabiting extreme environments.

DOI 10.3390/microorganisms7120601
ISSN 2076-2607
Citation Microorganisms. 2019;7(12).

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