Facile In Situ Hydrothermal Synthesis of Layered Zirconium Phenylphosphonate Molecular Sieve Membranes with Optimized Microstructure and Superb H/CO Selectivity.

Author(s) Ji, T.; Sun, Y.; Liu, Y.; Li, M.; Wang, F.; Liu, L.; He, G.; Liu, Y.
Journal ACS Appl Mater Interfaces
Date Published 2020 Apr 01

Layered molecular sieve membranes containing uniform interlayer galleries have offered unprecedented opportunities to reach a performance far beyond the Robeson upper bound line. In this study, we took the initiative to prepare layered zirconium phenylphosphonate (ZrPP) molecular sieve membranes with optimized microstructure on tetragonal zirconia (-ZrO) buffer layer-modified porous α-AlO substrates by facile in situ hydrothermal growth. Relying on the 3.2 Å-sized gallery height and preferential CO adsorption behavior, prepared ZrPP membranes showed exceptional H/CO selectivity (>100) as well as considerable H permeability. Furthermore, extraordinary thermal, mechanical, and chemical stability of ZrPP membranes made them potentially attractive for long-term operations under harsh conditions.

DOI 10.1021/acsami.0c02789
ISSN 1944-8252
Citation ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 2020;12(13):1532015327.