Folate- and glucuronate-functionalization of layered double hydroxides containing dysprosium and gadolinium and the effect on oxidative stress in rat liver mitochondria.

Author(s) Juménez, C.Sánchez; Moisés, F.Paul Pache; Cano, M.E.; Andrade, K.Nava; Torres, A.Laura Brio; Arízaga, G.Guadalupe
Journal Heliyon
Date Published 2020 Jan

Zinc/aluminum layered double hydroxide (LDH) particles were prepared by alkaline precipitation in the presence of dysprosium and dysprosium/gadolinium cations. The particles formed were stable against exchange reactions with folate or glucuronate ions since these organic ions exclusively functionalized the external surface of the layered double hydroxides. While the dysprosium derivatives reached magnetization susceptibilities between 2.06 × 10 and 2.20 × 10 cm/g, the samples simultaneously containing dysprosium and gadolinium decreased to a range between 1.08 × 10 and 1.73 × 10 cm/g. This last sample was tested as a magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent and demonstrated a reduction in T1 and T2 relaxation times in a linear dependence with the LDH concentration. The oxidative stress assays in rat liver mitochondria demonstrated the low toxicity of the composition simultaneously containing dysprosium and gadolinium as well as the functionalization product with glucuronate ions, suggesting the potential of these particles to design alternative MRI contrast agents.

DOI 10.1016/j.heliyon.2019.e03111
ISSN 2405-8440
Citation Heliyon. 2020;6(1):e03111.

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