Giant Piezoelectricity and High Curie Temperature in Nanostructured Alkali Niobate Lead-Free Piezoceramics through Phase Coexistence.

Author(s) Wu, B.; Wu, H.; Wu, J.; Xiao, D.; Zhu, J.; Pennycook, S.J.
Journal J Am Chem Soc
Date Published 2016 Nov 30

Because of growing environmental concerns, the development of lead-free piezoelectric materials with enhanced properties has become of great interest. Here, we report a giant piezoelectric coefficient (d33) of 550 pC/N and a high Curie temperature (TC) of 237 °C in (1-x-y)K1-wNawNb1-zSbzO3-xBiFeO3-yBi0.5Na0.5ZrO3 (KNwNSz-xBF-yBNZ) ceramics by optimizing x, y, z, and w. Atomic-resolution polarization mapping by Z-contrast imaging reveals the intimate coexistence of rhombohedral (R) and tetragonal (T) phases inside nanodomains, that is, a structural origin for the R-T phase boundary in the present KNN system. Hence, the physical origin of high piezoelectric performance can be attributed to a nearly vanishing polarization anisotropy and thus low domain wall energy, facilitating easy polarization rotation between different states under an external field.

DOI 10.1021/jacs.6b09024
ISSN 1520-5126
Citation J Am Chem Soc. 2016;138(47):1545915464.

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