Author(s) He, Y.; Yang, Y.
Journal Chem Rec
Date Published 2017 May 08

Nanomaterials with helical morphologies have attracted much attention owing to their potential applications as nanosprings, chirality sensors and in chiral optics. Single-handed helical Ta2 O5 nanotubes prepared through a supramolecular templating approach are described. The handedness is controlled by that of the organic self-assemblies of chiral low-molecular-weight gelators (LMWGs). The chiral LMWGs self-assemble into single-handed twisted nanoribbons through H-bonding, hydrophobic association, and π-π stacking. The Ta2 O5 nanotubes are formed by the adsorption and polycondensation of Ta2 O5 oligomers on the surfaces and edges of the twisted organic nanoribbons followed by removal of the template. The optical activity of the nanotubes is proposed to originate from the chiral defects on the inner surfaces of the tubular structures. Single-handed twisted LiTaO3 nanotubes can also be prepared using Ta2 O5 nanotubes.

DOI 10.1002/tcr.201700012
ISSN 1528-0691
Citation Chem Rec. 2017.

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