High-resolution Thermal Micro-imaging Using Europium Chelate Luminescent Coatings.

Author(s) Benseman, T.M.; Hao, Y.; Vlasko-Vlasov, V.K.; Welp, U.; Koshelev, A.E.; Kwok, W.K.; Divan, R.; Keiser, C.; Watanabe, C.; Kadowaki, K.
Journal J Vis Exp
Date Published 2017 Apr 16

Micro-electronic devices often undergo significant self-heating when biased to their typical operating conditions. This paper describes a convenient optical micro-imaging technique which can be used to map and quantify such behavior. Europium thenoyltrifluoroacetonate (EuTFC) has a 612 nm luminescence line whose activation efficiency drops strongly with increasing temperature, due to T-dependent interactions between the Eu(3+) ion and the organic chelating compound. This material may be readily coated on to a sample surface by thermal sublimation in vacuum. When the coating is excited with ultraviolet light (337 nm) an optical micro-image of the 612 nm luminescent response can be converted directly into a map of the sample surface temperature. This technique offers spatial resolution limited only by the microscope optics (about 1 micron) and time resolution limited by the speed of the camera employed. It offers the additional advantages of only requiring comparatively simple and non-specialized equipment, and giving a quantitative probe of sample temperature.

DOI 10.3791/53948
ISSN 1940-087X
Citation Benseman TM, Hao Y, Vlasko-Vlasov VK, Welp U, Koshelev AE, Kwok W-, et al. High-resolution Thermal Micro-imaging Using Europium Chelate Luminescent Coatings. J Vis Exp. 2017;(122).

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