High thermal conductivity in cubic boron arsenide crystals.

Author(s) Li, S.; Zheng, Q.; Lv, Y.; Liu, X.; Wang, X.; Huang, P.Y.; Cahill, D.G.; Lv, B.
Journal Science
Date Published 2018 08 10

The high density of heat generated in power electronics and optoelectronic devices is a critical bottleneck in their application. New materials with high thermal conductivity are needed to effectively dissipate heat and thereby enable enhanced performance of power controls, solid-state lighting, communication, and security systems. We report the experimental discovery of high thermal conductivity at room temperature in cubic boron arsenide (BAs) grown through a modified chemical vapor transport technique. The thermal conductivity of BAs, 1000 ± 90 watts per meter per kelvin meter-kelvin, is higher than that of silicon carbide by a factor of 3 and is surpassed only by diamond and the basal-plane value of graphite. This work shows that BAs represents a class of ultrahigh-thermal conductivity materials predicted by a recent theory, and that it may constitute a useful thermal management material for high-power density electronic devices.

DOI 10.1126/science.aat8982
ISSN 1095-9203
Citation Li S, Zheng Q, Lv Y, Liu X, Wang X, Huang PY, et al. High thermal conductivity in cubic boron arsenide crystals. Science. 2018;361(6402):579-581.

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