Highly transparent cerium doped gadolinium gallium aluminum garnet ceramic prepared with precursors fabricated by ultrasonic enhanced chemical co-precipitation.

Author(s) Zhang, J.Y.; Luo, Z.H.; Jiang, H.C.; Jiang, J.; Chen, C.H.; Zhang, J.X.; Gui, Z.Z.; Xiao, N.
Journal Ultrason Sonochem
Date Published 2017 Nov

Cerium doped gadolinium gallium aluminum garnet (GGAG:Ce) ceramic precursors have been synthesized with an ultrasonic chemical co-precipitation method (UCC) and for comparison with a traditional chemical co-precipitation method (TCC). The effect of ultra-sonication on the morphology of powders and the transmittance of GGAG:Ce ceramics are studied. The results indicate that the UCC method can effectively improve the homogenization and sinterability of GGAG:Ce powders, which contribute to obtain high transparent GGAG ceramic with the highest transmittance of 81%.

DOI 10.1016/j.ultsonch.2017.06.005
ISSN 1873-2828
Citation Ultrason Sonochem. 2017;39:792797.

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