Indium Tin Oxide Thin-Film Thermocouple Probe Based on Sapphire Microrod.

Author(s) Deng, J.; Zhang, L.; Hui, L.; Jin, X.; Ma, B.
Journal Sensors (Basel)
Date Published 2020 Feb 27

Indium tin oxide (ITO) thin-film thermocouples monitor the temperature of hot section components in gas turbines. As an in situ measuring technology, the main challenge of a thin-film thermocouple is its installation on complex geometric surfaces. In this study, an ITO thin-film thermocouple probe based on a sapphire microrod was used to access narrow areas. The performance of the probe, i.e., the thermoelectricity and stability, was analyzed. This novel sensor resolves the installation difficulties of thin-film devices.

DOI 10.3390/s20051289
ISSN 1424-8220
Citation Sensors (Basel). 2020;20(5).

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