Influences of pH on transport of arsenate (As) through different reactive media using column experiments and transport modeling.

Author(s) Chotpantarat, S.; Amasvata, C.
Journal Sci Rep
Date Published 2020 Feb 26

This research aims to evaluate the effects of pH, including both acidic and neutral conditions to simulate an acid mine environment, on the sorption and transport of As(V) in contaminated groundwater through different reactive materials by using column experiments and mathematical modeling. Six saturated columns were set up to evaluate the migration and removal efficiency of As(V) with three different materials acting as permeable reactive barrier (PRB) media under different pH conditions (pH 4 and pH 7). The reactive materials consisted of pure sand (control column), iron oxide-coated sand (IOCS) and a combination of IOCS and zero-valent iron-coated sand (ZVICS) (ZVICS + IOCS). According to the column experiments, the descending order of removal capacity (mg As/g) for ZVICS + IOCS, IOCS and sand was 0.452 > 0.062 > 0.0027 mg As/g at pH 4 and 0.117 > 0.0077 > 0.0022 mg As/g, respectively, at pH 7. The column experiments showed that the removal and retardation factor (RF) of As(V) generally increased with decreasing pH. The SEM images and the corresponding EDX spectra of acid-washed natural sand, IOCS and ZVICS + IOCS from the columns showed that the peak of As was detectable on the reactive materials. The mechanism of As(V) sorption onto sand at pH 4 and pH 7 corresponded to the uniform (equilibrium) solute transport model, whereas the IOCS and ZVICS + IOCS columns corresponded to the two-site model (TSM) with the Freundlich isotherm. The fraction of instantaneous sites (f) for As(V) sorption onto IOCS and ZVICS + IOCS appeared to decrease with increasing pH, especially for ZVICS + IOCS, which indicates that nonequilibrium sorption/desorption mainly dominated during As(V) migration.

DOI 10.1038/s41598-020-59770-1
ISSN 2045-2322
Citation Sci Rep. 2020;10(1):3512.

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