Midinfrared frequency comb by difference frequency of erbium and thulium fiber lasers in orientation-patterned gallium phosphide.

Author(s) Lee, K.F.; Hensley, C.J.; Schunemann, P.G.; Fermann, M.E.
Journal Opt Express
Date Published 2017 Jul 24

We generate over 60 mW of pulses with wavelengths from 6 to 11 micrometers by difference frequency mixing between erbium and thulium fiber amplifiers in orientation-patterned GaP with a photon conversion efficiency of 0.2. By stabilizing the repetition rate of the shared oscillator and adding a frequency shifter to one arm, the output becomes a frequency comb with tunable carrier envelope offset.

DOI 10.1364/OE.25.017411
ISSN 1094-4087
Citation Opt Express. 2017;25(15):1741117416.

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