Multiple bimetallic (Al-La or Fe-La) hydroxides embedded in cellulose/graphene hybrids for uptake of fluoride with phosphate surroundings.

Author(s) Guo, Y.; Xing, X.; Shang, Y.; Gao, B.; Zhang, L.; Yue, Q.; Qian, L.; Wang, Z.
Journal J Hazard Mater
Date Published 2019 Nov 05

To insight into the selective adsorption mechanism of fluoride in the bimetallic system, Fe-La or Al-La composites were comparatively embedded onto the cellulose/graphene hybrids (CG hybrids) to fabricate the Fe-La@CG hybrids or Al-La@CG hybrids for fluoride uptake with existing phosphate. The results showed that Al-La@CG hybrids were mainly in the amorphous nature, while Fe-La@CG hybrids have the identical diffraction peaks as compared with those of hydrated lanthanum oxides (HLO) and hydrated iron oxides (HFO). Fluoride capture by Al-La@CG and Fe-La@CG hybrids followed the similar tendencies with the pH altering, but the adsorption performance of Al-La@CG hybrids was better than that of Fe-La@CG hybrids at the same pH levels. Adsorption of fluoride onto Al-La@CG hybrids exhibited less sensitivity and high selectivity with existing phosphate as compared with that of Fe-La@CG hybrids, which further indicated that the Al-La@CG hybrids were more preferable for fluoride adsorption. The fraction areas of La-F and Al-F accounted for 79.1 % and 20.9%, which indicated that the fluoride onto the Al-La@CG hybrids was mainly based on the La species. Similarly, La-F in exhausted Fe-La@CG hybrids accounted for 55.6%, higher than that (44.4%) of Fe-F.

DOI 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2019.05.027
ISSN 1873-3336
Citation J Hazard Mater. 2019;379:120634.

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