N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Modified AuPd Alloy Nanoparticles and their Application as Biomimetic and Heterogeneous Catalysts.

Author(s) Tegeder, P.; Freitag, M.; Chepiga, K.; Muratsugu, S.; Möller, N.; Lamping, S.; Tada, M.; Glorius, F.; Ravoo, B.Jan
Journal Chemistry
Date Published 2018 Sep 24

Herein we present the preparation of water soluble, N-heterocyclic carbene-stabilized AuPd alloy nanoparticles by a straightforward ligand exchange process. Extensive analysis revealed excellent size retention and stability over years in water. The alloy nanoparticles were applied as biomimetic catalyst for the aerobic oxidation of D-glucose, in which monometallic Au and Pd nanoparticles showed no or negligible activity. The alloy nanoparticles were further applied as titania-supported heterogeneous catalysts for the mild hydrogenation of nitroarenes and in the semihydrogenation of 1,2-diphenylacetylene with a solvent-dependent selectivity switch between E- and Z-stilbene.

DOI 10.1002/chem.201803274
ISSN 1521-3765
Citation Chemistry. 2018.

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