Nanometre-thin indium tin oxide for advanced high-performance electronics.

Author(s) Li, S.; Tian, M.; Gao, Q.; Wang, M.; Li, T.; Hu, Q.; Li, X.; Wu, Y.
Journal Nat Mater
Date Published 2019 Aug 12

Although indium tin oxide (ITO) is widely used in optoelectronics due to its high optical transmittance and electrical conductivity, its degenerate doping limits exploitation as a semiconduction material. In this work, we created short-channel active transistors based on an ultra-thin (down to 4 nm) ITO channel and a high-quality, lanthanum-doped hafnium oxide dielectric of equivalent oxide thickness of 0.8 nm, with performance comparative to that of existing metal oxides and emerging two-dimensional materials. Short-channel immunity, with a subthreshold slope of 66 mV per decade, off-state current <100 fA μm and on/off ratio up to 5.5 × 10, was measured for a 40-nm transistor. Logic inverters working in the subthreshold regime exhibit a high gain of 178 at a low-supply voltage of 0.5 V. Moreover, radiofrequency transistors, with as-measured cut-off frequency f and maximum oscillation frequency f both >10 GHz, have been demonstrated. The unique wide bandgap and low dielectric constant of ITO provide prospects for future scaling below the 5-nm regime for advanced low-power electronics.

DOI 10.1038/s41563-019-0455-8
ISSN 1476-1122
Citation Nat Mater. 2019.

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