Nanoscale Pisum sativum pods biochar encapsulated starch hydrogel: A novel nanosorbent for efficient chromium (VI) ions and naproxen drug removal.

Author(s) Mohamed, A.K.; Mahmoud, M.E.
Journal Bioresour Technol
Date Published 2020 Jul

Assembly of novel ecofriendly and sustainable (N-PSPB/SHGL) nanosorbent was fabricated based on encapsulation of derived nanoscale spherical biochar from Pisum sativum pods (N-PSPB) with starch hydrogel (SHGL). The mass ratio between starch and N-PSPB was examined and 2% (w/w) was selected as the optimum percentage for fabrication of the assembled hydrogel. High swelling capacity was characterized by N-PSPB/SHGL nanosorbent (500.0%) at room temperature (25 °C), excellent stability for ten cycles with respect to regeneration by 0.1 mol L HCl. Additionally, characterizations of N-PSPB/Starch nanosorbent were established by SEM and BET measurement to characterize surface area (226.94 m/g) and pore volume (9.88 cm/g). The N-PSPB/SHGL nanosorbent was subjected to extensive investigations to evaluate its efficiency for removal of naproxen drug (NAP) and chromium (VI). The Cr(VI) and NAP drug adsorptions were fitted to pseudo-second kinetic and correlated with Langmuir isotherm. The adsorption processes were spontaneous and endothermic based on thermodynamic study.

DOI 10.1016/j.biortech.2020.123263
Keywords Adsorption; Charcoal; Chromium; Hydrogels; Ions; Kinetics; Naproxen; Peas; Starch; Water Pollutants, Chemical
ISSN 1873-2976
Citation Bioresour Technol. 2020;308:123263.