Out-of-plane orientation of luminescent excitons in two-dimensional indium selenide.

Author(s) Brotons-Gisbert, M.; Proux, R.; Picard, R.; Andres-Penares, D.; Branny, A.; Molina-Sánchez, A.; Sánchez-Royo, J.F.; Gerardot, B.D.
Journal Nat Commun
Date Published 2019 Sep 02

Van der Waals materials offer a wide range of atomic layers with unique properties that can be easily combined to engineer novel electronic and photonic devices. A missing ingredient of the van der Waals platform is a two-dimensional crystal with naturally occurring out-of-plane luminescent dipole orientation. Here we measure the far-field photoluminescence intensity distribution of bulk InSe and two-dimensional InSe, WSe and MoSe. We demonstrate, with the support of ab-initio calculations, that layered InSe flakes sustain luminescent excitons with an intrinsic out-of-plane orientation, in contrast with the in-plane orientation of dipoles we find in two-dimensional WSe and MoSe at room-temperature. These results, combined with the high tunability of the optical response and outstanding transport properties, position layered InSe as a promising semiconductor for novel optoelectronic devices, in particular for hybrid integrated photonic chips which exploit the out-of-plane dipole orientation.

DOI 10.1038/s41467-019-11920-4
ISSN 2041-1723
Citation Nat Commun. 2019;10(1):3913.

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