Patient satisfaction after fractional ablation of burn scar with 2940nm wavelength Erbium-Yag laser.

Author(s) Madni, T.D.; Nakonezny, P.A.; Imran, J.B.; Clark, A.T.; Cunningham, H.B.; Hoopman, J.E.; Arnoldo, B.D.; Wolf, S.E.; Kenkel, J.M.; Phelan, H.A.
Journal Burns
Date Published 2018 Apr 04

OBJECTIVE: Fractional laser therapy is a new treatment with potential benefit in the treatment of burn scars. We sought to determine patient satisfaction after burn scar treatment with the Erbium-Yag laser.

METHODS: We performed a telephone survey of all patients who underwent fractional resurfacing of burn scars with the Erbium-Yag 2940 wavelength laser at Parkland Hospital from 01/01/2016 to 05/01/2017. Subjects were asked to rate their satisfaction with their scars' after treatment characteristics on a scale from 1 (completely unsatisfied) to 10 (completely satisfied). Subjects were also asked to assess their treatment response using the UNC 4P Scar Scale before and after treatment.

RESULTS: Sixty-four patients underwent 156 treatments. A survey response rate of 77% (49/64) was seen (age: 36.8+21 years; surface area treated=435+326cm; 35% of burn scars were >2 years old; mean scar age of 1.02+0.4 years). Overall, 46/49 (94%) of patients reported some degree of scar improvement after treatment. Patient satisfaction scores were 8.3+2.3. Number of laser treatments included: 1 (31%), 2 (33%), 3 (18%), 4(10%), >5 (8%). Treatment depth, scar age, and number of laser procedures were not significant predictors of satisfaction or UNC 4P Scar scores. The paired t-test showed a significant reduction on each of the UNC 4P Scar scale items (pain, pruritus, pliability, paresthesia). One subject reported that she felt that the laser treatment made her scar worse (2%).

CONCLUSION: Burn patients treated with the Erbium-Yag laser are highly satisfied with changes in their burn scars.

DOI 10.1016/j.burns.2018.02.004
ISSN 1879-1409
Citation Burns. 2018.

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