Author(s) Yang, Y.; Jeon, J.; Park, J.H.; Jeong, M.Seok; Lee, B.Hun; Hwang, E.; Lee, S.
Journal ACS Nano
Date Published 2019 Jul 18

We demonstrate the application of MXenes, metallic 2D materials of transition-metal carbides, as excellent electrode materials for photonic devices. In this study, we have fabricated an InSe-based photodetector with a TiCT electrode. The photodetector with few-layer, atomically thin, TiCT (MXene) electrodes shows the avalanche carrier multiplication effect, which leads to high device performance. To improve the performance of the InSe/TiCT avalanche photodetector, we can pattern TiCT into nanoribbon arrays (a plasmonic grating structure), which enhances light absorption of the photodetector. The plasmonic InSe/TiCT avalanche photodetector exhibits low dark current (3 nA), high responsivity (1 × 10 AW), and high detectivity (7.3 × 10 Jones).

DOI 10.1021/acsnano.9b01941
ISSN 1936-086X
Citation ACS Nano. 2019.

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