Polarization sensitive microstructures fabricated on lithium niobate surfaces by using femtosecond laser pulses.

Author(s) Zhang, S.; Liu, W.; Hu, J.; Wang, G.; Wang, Q.; Wang, S.; Wang, S.
Journal Opt Express
Date Published 2020 Mar 02

Polarization sensitive microstructures with different morphologies were induced by irradiating dual lithium niobate crystals with femtosecond laser pulses. An upper lithium niobate crystal served as a mask plate to tailor light field, which led to the formation of crater and arc-shaped structures on the surface of a lower lithium niobate crystal. In single-shot irradiation, the orientation and morphology of resultant microstructures can be tailored by controlling the focusing position, because focus splitting took place when a focused laser light propagated through dual lithium niobate crystals. In scanning, the width and morphology of laser scan lines can be governed using various combinations of focusing position and scanning direction. Furthermore, large-area micro/nanostructures with different topography features were successfully fabricated on the crystal surface and their absorption spectra indicated that the absorptance in the visible wavelength range was strongly dependent on fabricated micro/nanostructures. This new type of structured lithium niobate surfaces can be potentially applied in optical and photonic devices.

DOI 10.1364/OE.387577
ISSN 1094-4087
Citation Opt Express. 2020;28(5):71657174.

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