Preparation of "NaREF4" phases from the sodium nitrate melt

Author(s) Fedorov, P.; Mayakova, M.; Voronov, V.; Baranchikov, A.; Ivanov, V.
Journal Journal of Fluorine Chemistry
Date Published 02/2019
Abstract Preparation of “NaREF4” compounds (RE = La-Lu, Y) from rare earth nitrates dissolved in molten NaNO3 has been studied at 350°C. Two-fold excess of sodium fluoride (NaF) was used as fluorinating agent. Hexagonal NaREF4 (RE = Pr-Lu, Y) phases isotypic with β-NaYF4 have been prepared. A mixture of CeF3 and NaCeF4 was obtained in cerium system, while only LaF3 phase was formed in lanthanum system.
DOI 10.1016/j.jfluchem.2018.11.018
ISSN 0022-1139
Citation Fedorov P, Mayakova M, Voronov V, Baranchikov A, Ivanov V. Preparation of "NaREF4" phases from the sodium nitrate melt. Journal of Fluorine Chemistry. 2019;218:69-75.

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