Printable and flexible copper-silver alloy electrodes with high conductivity and ultrahigh oxidation resistance.

Author(s) Li, W.; Hu, D.; Li, L.; Li, C.F.; Jiu, J.; Chen, C.; Ishina, T.; Sugahara, T.; Suganuma, K.
Journal ACS Appl Mater Interfaces
Date Published 2017 Jul 04

Printable and flexible Cu-Ag alloy electrodes with high conductivity and ultrahigh oxidation resistance have been successfully fabricated by using a newly-developed Cu-Ag hybrid ink and a simple fabrication process consisting of low temperature pre-curing followed by rapid photonic sintering (LTRS). A special Ag-nanoparticle shell on a Cu core structure is first created in situ by low temperature pre-curing. An instantaneous photonic sintering can induce rapid mutual dissolution between the Cu core and the Ag-nanoparticle shell so that core-shell structures consisting of a Cu-rich phase in the core and a Ag-rich phase in the shell (Cu-Ag alloy) can be obtained on flexible substrates. The resulting Cu-Ag alloy electrode has high conductivity (3.4 μΩ cm) and ultrahigh oxidation resistance even up to 180 °C in an air atmosphere; this approach shows huge potential and is a tempting prospect for the fabrication of highly reliable and cost-effective printed electronic devices.

DOI 10.1021/acsami.7b05308
ISSN 1944-8252
Citation ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 2017.

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