Reductive Homocoupling of Organohalides Using Nickel(II) Chloride and Samarium Metal.

Author(s) Liu, Y.; Xiao, S.; Qi, Y.; Du, F.
Journal Chem Asian J
Date Published 2017 Mar 16

A homocoupling method for organohalides and organosulfonates promoted by samarium metal and HMPA, and catalyzed by NiCl2 has been developed. Various organohalides (benzyl, aryl, heterocyclic, alkenyl and alkyl halides), α-haloacetophenones, and phenyl organosulfonates were tolerated, and the reaction afforded coupling products with high efficiency. Excellent chemoselectivity was exhibited between halides and other groups, such as -COOH, -NO2 , halogen, heterocyclic ring, ester, and ketone groups. The stereoselectivity suggested that the reaction mechanism might involve an organosamarium species.

DOI 10.1002/asia.201601712
ISSN 1861-471X
Citation Chem Asian J. 2017;12(6):673678.

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