Author(s) Capper, M.S.; Packman, H.; Rehkämper, M.
Journal Chembiochem
Date Published 2020 Mar 20

The success of metal-based anticancer therapeutics in the treatment of cancer is best exemplified by cisplatin. Currently used in 32/78 cancer regimens, metal-based drugs have a clear role in cancer therapy. Despite this, metal-based anticancer therapeutics are not without drawbacks, with issues such as toxic side effects and the development of resistance mechanisms. This has led to investigations of other metal-based drug candidates such as auranofin, a gold-based drug candidate as well as ruthenium-based candidates, NAMI-A, NKP-1339 and TLD-1433. All are currently undergoing clinical trials. Another class of complexes under study are rhenium-based; such complexes have undergone extensive in vitro testing but only nine have been reported to display antitumour in vivo activity, which is a necessary step before entering clinical trials. This review will document, chronologically, the rhenium-based drug candidates that have undergone in vivo testing and the outlook for such complexes.

DOI 10.1002/cbic.202000117
ISSN 1439-7633
Citation Chembiochem. 2020.

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