Author(s) Yu, Q.; Chang, J.; Wu, C.
Journal J Mater Chem B
Date Published 2019 Sep 04

Great efforts have been devoted to exploiting silicate bioceramics for various applications in soft tissue regeneration, owing to their excellent bioactivity. Based on the inherent ability of silicate bioceramics to repair tissue, bioactive ions are easily incorporated into silicate bioceramics to endow them with extra biological properties, such as enhanced angiogenesis, antibiosis, enhanced osteogenesis, and antitumor effect, which significantly expands the application of multifunctional silicate bioceramics. Furthermore, silicate nanobioceramics with unique structures have been widely employed for tumor therapy. In recent years, the novel applications of silicate bioceramics for both tissue regeneration and tumor therapy have substantially grown. Eliminating the skin tumors first and then repairing the skin wounds has been widely investigated by our groups, which might shed some light on treating other soft tissue tumor or tumor-induced defects. This review first describes the recent advances made in the development of silicate bioceramics as therapeutic platforms for soft tissue regeneration. We then highlight the major silicate nanobioceramics used for tumor therapy. Silicate bioceramics for both soft tissue regeneration and tumor therapy are further emphasized. Finally, challenges and future directions of silicate bioceramics stepping into the clinics are discussed. This review will inspire researchers to create the efficient and functional silicate bioceramics needed for regeneration and tumor therapy of other tissues.

DOI 10.1039/c9tb01467e
ISSN 2050-7518
Citation Yu Q, Chang J, Wu C. Silicate bioceramics: from soft tissue regeneration to tumor therapy. J Mater Chem B. 2019.

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