Singly-resonant pulsed optical parametric oscillator based on orientation-patterned gallium phosphide.

Author(s) Ye, H.; Kumar, C.; Wei, J.; Schunemann, P.G.; Ebrahim-Zadeh, M.
Journal Opt Lett
Date Published 2018 Jun 01

We report a pulsed singly-resonant optical parametric oscillator (OPO) based on the new nonlinear crystal, orientation-patterned gallium phosphide (OP-GaP). Pumped by a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser at 1064 nm, and using a 40-mm-long OP-GaP crystal with a single grating period of Λ=16  μm, the OPO generates signal and idler output across 1.6-1.7 μm and 2.8-3.1 μm, respectively, under temperature tuning. For an average pump power of 4.8 W at 50 kHz pulse repetition rate, mid-infrared idler powers of up to ∼20  mW have been obtained at 2966 nm with high output stability. For pump pulses of ∼13  ns duration, the OPO generates ∼6  ns output signal pulses. From temperature-dependent wavelength tuning measurements at two different pump powers of 4.2 W and 1.2 W, a discrepancy of 11-17°C in the internal crystal temperature is estimated, implying that the OP-GaP sample suffers from increasing thermal effects at higher pump powers due to absorption.

DOI 10.1364/OL.43.002454
ISSN 1539-4794
Citation Opt Lett. 2018;43(11):24542457.

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